Do You Have a Budget?

A budget is a way to keep track of your money. With careful budgeting, you can save for the things you want, instead of waiting to find out if you're going to get them on your birthday or the holidays.

Johnny A. Member's Budget

1. Weekly Income 2. Weekly Expenses
Allowance $5.00 School supplies $3.00
Money earned
walking the dog

Baseball cards $2.00
Earned money
from paper route

3 packets of
bubble gum

Money earned
recycling cans

Chipped in with
Mom for Dad's
birthday present

Deposited in
your account


How much was Johnny's total weekly income?
How much were Johnny's total weekly expenses?
How much money does Johnny have left in cash?

Johnny wants a new video game. It costs $50.

1. How long will it take Johnny to save for it if he deposits $5 a week in his share savings account?

2. What if he deposits $10 a week.

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