What is a Credit Union?

Many people save their money in a credit union. These people usually have something in common, such as their place of work.

You and other members put your money into savings accounts. This money is then given to other members as a loan, these members will pay an extra amount of money called interest. Then you and the other members will get paid extra money from the credit union for letting it use your money. The extra money that you will earn in your savings account is called dividends.

The credit union's main purpose is to give member owners the best financial services. The Credit Union thinks that it has chosen a not so impossible mission.

Who can become a member of
the Credit Union?

  • All personnel working in the area.
  • Relatives of all members (spouse, children, grandparents, brothers, sisters, etc.) in good standing.
  • The Credit Union staff.

At our Credit Union, you're not just a customer with an account number. You are a shareholder, a member, an owner of the Credit Union. Once you become a member, you are always a member.

How is interest earned on your account?